The Different Types of Fishing Nets

Getting hold of the right fishing equipment has always remained an essential task that one needs to follow. Without the right equipment, things may go out of hand, and the outcome will bring things down to a considerable extent. Since fishing nets are a huge part of the same, we are here to tell you all about the different types of fishing nets. Understanding the following list will surely help you make the most of the process and get hold of the right fishing nets.

Cast Nets

Cast nets are one of the most common types of fishing nets that one can find in the market. They are small, round nets that tend to open up when thrown inside the water. Thanks to their weighted edges, the net sinks in and traps the fish inside. Soon after that, the net can be pulled back on the boat with the help of an attached line that makes the process effortless. As a result, cast nets are easy to use.

Gill Nets

Gill nets come in different lengths, sizes, and depths. Understanding your requirements and purchasing the right net is up to you, and only you can solve the puzzle. Based on your purchase, you can move ahead to complete the process and watch fish get gilled or stitch by the gills on the net. Moreover, you will also have to look into the mesh size and figure things out in the right manner.

Hoop Nets

As the name suggests, hoop nets are cylindrical nets that are supported by either one or more hoops. They tend to be fitted with valves or funnels that allow fish to enter the net and get trapped. Since bait bags are a part of the net, fish get attracted to it and move ahead to fall into the same. As a result, hoop nets are also easy to use and quite effortless to get used to.

Seine Nets

Science nets are also quite common and come with a single piece of small mesh netting that is hung between a float line and a lead line. These nets tend to be used as a barrier or wall to encircle and trap the fish within. As the process works for the better, your job will be complete, and things will begin to head in the right direction.

Trammel Net

Trammel Net

These three-layered nets are attached between a lead line and a float line and manage to help you get used to the process. The net works as the outer layers form a wall to trap the fish into a smaller mesh net that, in turn, forms an inner layer. Thanks to that, a trammel net stands to be on top and is an ideal equipment for all the right reasons.

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