My name is Drew Argus and I’m an avid prawner and fisherman.

Spending my childhood years & still fortunate enough to be residing on the beautiful Redcliffe Peninsula, in South East Queensland, Australia, Activities such as fishing, crabbing and prawning have always been a huge part of my life. From sneaking out after school for a quick fish on the boat to now sneaking out during work

My passion for these activities became so great, that even from a young age, I began making my own fishing and prawning equipment, from rods to nets and everything in-between. To this day I continue to develop & improve, evolving my equipment to suit the ever changing conditions & ensuring best possible results.

Over the years I learnt the importance & certainly experienced the higher success rates when fishing with live bait. I quickly became obsessed with cast netting for both fresh bait & prawns. I tried most generic cast nets while honing my skills & found that certain nets & features outweighed others. I noticed the lack of quality & innovation evident in most generic cast nets. Typically, if you are seeking a quality, hand stitched net you will have to pay ‘an arm & a leg’ not to mention the lengthy wait times of up to 4-6 weeks. I know this because for almost 15 years, I used to sit at home stitching these nets all night after work for customers… Well not anymore!!!

Introducing the PRO THROW Cast Net range…. After years of development, I am taking my number one passion to the next level, allowing everyone seeking a hand made, premium quality cast net for prawning & bait gathering a wide selection of superior, quality, cast net products at an extremely competitive price.

PRO THROW Cast Nets have been tested & proven over the past 5 years & have several superior advantages over generic nets found in most retailers;

  • PRO THROW Cast Nets are made in a reduction style design.

  • PRO THROW Cast Nets are made from high grade monofilament

  • PRO THROW Cast Nets are all hand sewn & carefully weighted to ensure maximum performance & longevity.

  • PRO THROW Cast Nets top & bottom pockets are extremely functional when catching or emptying your catch.